mSpy: Does not work on Apple devices


mSpy advertises as a popular cell phone monitoring and tracking software that allows parents to keep tabs on their children’s smartphone activities. It claims a range of features designed to provide insight and control over a child’s digital life, it is understandable that parents are tempted to install it. In this comprehensive review, we have used the app, interviewed users and been in discussion with the developers. It is a mixed review, it has good features, but not all the features work on iPhones and the company has a reputation for poor customer service which we also found to be the case. Looking into the company it does have some ‘murky’ practices with manipulating reviews so, before spending your money, you need to be aware of as many customers have reported issues.

We describe in this article how to adjust the settings on your child’s phone which is free and will be of more use. Your first decision is actually what age you should get your child a phone.


mSpy is a powerful cell phone tracking software designed to help parents monitor and control their children’s smartphone activities. It offers a range of features, including messaging app monitoring, call and SMS tracking, location tracking, web filtering, and more.

Key Features

Messaging App Monitoring. One of the standout features of mSpy is its ability to monitor a wide range of messaging and social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and Google Hangouts. This feature allows parents to read all of their child’s messages, including sent and received texts, images, and videos. However, it’s essential to note that some of these features may require rooting or jailbreaking the target device. As with most things, technology can rarely replace talking to your child about how to manage their social media.

Call and SMS Monitoring. mSpy enables parents to track all incoming and outgoing calls on their child’s smartphone, providing details such as call duration, time, and contact information. Additionally, mSpy allows parents to monitor their child’s text messages, including those sent and received, along with any multimedia content shared.

Location Tracking. With mSpy’s location tracking feature, parents can keep track of their child’s whereabouts and view their location history. This feature also includes geofencing capabilities, allowing parents to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when their child enters or leaves designated areas.

Web Filtering and Supervision. mSpy offers a basic web filtering feature that enables parents to blacklist specific websites they deem inappropriate. However, it lacks more advanced filtering options, such as the ability to filter websites by category. mSpy also allows parents to monitor their child’s browsing history, providing insight into the websites they visit and the content they consume.

Keylogger and Screen Recorder. mSpy’s keylogger and screen recorder features provide additional ways for parents to monitor their child’s smartphone usage. The keylogger tracks everything typed on the device, while the screen recorder takes periodic screenshots of the child’s phone, capturing activity across various apps. These features can help parents gain a deeper understanding of their child’s digital habits and interactions.

Installation and Setup

Installing mSpy on a target device can be a challenging process, particularly for non-tech-savvy users. No where in the sign-up process does it say that you will need to ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone. Rooting or jailbreaking a device can void its warranty and may pose security risks, in other words if you decide to do this and it breaks the phone you are liable for this. Neither mSpy or Apple will offer a refund. The biggest issue however is if the iPhone runs out of charge, you will then need to reinstall the software. This means, perhaps daily, linking it to a computer and reinstalling the software. This, to us, makes it unrealistic. As referred to above, mSpy refuse to give a refund in this case. This might seem illegal, however they have registered in the Czech Republic for just this reason so they are not liable under US or UK customer protection such as 14 day money back guarantees.

Customer Support

mSpy offers multiple support options, including a self-service help section, email and ticket support, and 24/7 live chat. However, some users may find the website challenging to navigate, and accessing relevant support articles can be difficult. The live chat support is responsive and helpful but may not be sufficient for more complex installation or technical issues.

A user shared with us an email trail with mSpy about their issues with the installation process and how mSpy does not work with an Apple product. Melissa Broflovski from mSpy makes it clear that there is no a refund policy, even if the product does not work. Over the course of the many emails exchange the user tries to work collaboratively with mSpy to resolve the issue but unfortunately, in this case, it looks like mSpy are keen to take the money even though the product does not work on Apple phones as advertised.

The user shows screenshots of the sign-up process where, all the way through it says it will work, including in all the hidden links. It is only after payment does the issue with incompatibility appear. Even reviews on their own website refer to this.

On a website rating of customer service this was their score:

mSpy 3 Parent advice

Is This a One-Off?

Unfortunately it seems that this is a very common occurrence. Below are two screen shots of mSpy’s Trust Pilot score. The top is from the UK, where there is no support line, and the lower is for the US.

mSpy Parent advice
mSpy 1 Parent advice

But their website displays this:

mSpy 2 Parent advice

We have also seen clear evidence of the removal of genuine reviews for the US TrustPilot site suggesting it is lower.

Pricing Plans

mSpy offers three pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Family Kit. The Basic plan provides access to essential monitoring features, while the Premium plan offers a more comprehensive set of tools, including geofencing and app blocking. The Family Kit plan covers up to three devices and includes all Premium features. It’s worth noting that mSpy does not offer a free trial, free plan, or money-back guarantee, so users should carefully consider their needs before purchasing. There is an element of risk here as it is not compatible with many types of phones including Apple and it is not possibly to get a refund.

Alternatives to mSpy

While mSpy offers a range of powerful monitoring features, some users may prefer alternatives that provide more advanced parental control options or a simpler installation process. Top alternatives to mSpy include:

  • Qustodio: A feature-rich parental control app with advanced web filtering, app usage limits, and call/SMS monitoring.
  • Bark: A monitoring solution that focuses on detecting potential issues in communication across various apps and platforms without requiring rooting or jailbreaking.

Final Thoughts on mSpy

mSpy advertises itself as a powerful cell phone tracking software that offers a range of features for parents looking to monitor their children’s smartphone activities. However, if you have an Apple phone it will not work and there is no chance of a refund. We find therefore, based on what we have seen, that we can not recommend this company.