5 Key Concepts of Danish Parenting

Danish parenting is in the news due to the book by Iben Sandhal. This is just good parenting and we take out the key lessons.

Children’s Relationship With Food: Keeping it Healthy

Children's relationship with food is complicated. It is also one of a parent's greatest worries. Here is some guidance to make it positive.

5 Key Concepts of Danish Parenting

Parenting styles are as varied as the cultures…

Relationship With Your Child

Children’s Relationship With Food: Keeping it Healthy

Children’s relationship with food can be our biggest…


Dangers of Drugs 

Dangers of drugs might seem obvious to us. Peer-pressure and that beautiful 'need to live' that children have means that it is not clear.

Internet Safety for Children

Internet safety for children is one of my own biggest concerns. Talking is the key defense. Here we look at the big issues and what to do.

Helping Your Child to Study Independently

Helping Your Child to Study Independently.ndependent study is the ability for someone to be able to complete a task on their own.

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

Setting Age-Appropriate Chores for Children is important. For anything to become a habit it needs repetition and success.

Teaching Your Child Responsible Use of Social Media

Teaching your child responsible use of social media is difficult as any article is out of date when it is written. These ideas are generic.

Talking About Masturbation

Talking about masturbation isn't easy. However, your child will be feeling uncomfortable. Here we look at this difficult but crucial conversation.

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A Meaningful Relationship With Your Child

What do you desire most for your child? For most parents, the most likely answer will be that they want to raise happy kids

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is a style of parenting that focuses on good behaviors and reinforcing them rather than only punishing poor behavior.

How to Apologize to Your Children

One of the most difficult tasks you will face as a parent: apologizing to your children. Learn how to navigate this sensitive topic.

How to Get Your Child to Talk to You

If you can get your child to talk to you parenting is so much easier. But like any relationships it can't only be about big things.

How to Have a Great Family Night In

A great family night in could mean many different things, even in the same family. Here we look at the fundamentals of what is important.

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Child

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Child - There are two different types of difficult conversation, talking about a delicate topic