Yes Day: Is the Movie a Good Idea

yes day
Yes Day

We love a feel-good family film here, so whenever one is released, we have to try it out for ourselves. One of the most recent releases on streaming site Netflix is Yes Day. But what is the movie about, and is it something that every family should try?  

Yes Day: The Movie

Yes Day is a movie about the Torres family. Everyday life has become somewhat routine, with mum always saying no to every request that the kids have, no matter how small and dad, well dad spends his day saying no at work, which means that when it comes to home time, he wants to be a little more yes.   

Then, one day, a teacher at the school recommends that they try out a yes day. One day where the parents have to say yes to everything that they are asked (within reason, of course). Realizing that it is about time that the whole family had a spot of fun, they decide to go ahead with their very own yes day, which leads to an entire day of fun for all the family (and maybe some realizations along the way).   

It is an entertaining family movie, and while the idea might sound a little on the crazy side, it works wonders in showing every member of the family why things work the way they do and that all of them have a part to play.   

So, What About the Real World?

The idea of yes day might work in the movie, but what about the real world? Is this something that could actually happen?   

Well, yes days are something that some parents try to do with their children regularly. In fact, many of us do them without realizing it. The actress Jennifer Garner who plays the mum in the movie, herself has them with her family.   

She decides that rather than planning a set day, she springs the surprise on her children that they will be a yes day. That way, things feel a little more impulsive (even if secretly she may have already planted some seeds on things that they can do together).   

Yes days may sound scary, but for the most part, they can be great fun. It is a good idea, just like in the movie, to set out some ground rules on what to expect and the kind of things that your children can ask for and what they can’t. That way, no one will be disappointed about what the day will include. Maybe it is an excellent idea to let your children have one big ask, such as going somewhere for dinner or heading out for the day, while other things can be more minor, such as having a movie night or eating chocolate for breakfast.   

No matter what your own yes days look like, one thing is for sure. The idea of being able to spend a day saying yes will make you all feel better. It allows you to stop feeling like a bit of a doom-bringer to the entire family and ensures that you all find a way to have lots of family fun together too, which can only be positive.   

Of course, if you think that you want to try a yes day out in your family, you will need to set some ground rules. Decide what works best for you as a family and what you will all enjoy the most, and you can start to have some days where yes is always the answer!